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Flooring For Healthcare Environments

A place intended for healing, the safety and overall wellness of patients, staff and visitors are of the utmost importance for healthcare facilities today. From visiting a hospital for an extended stay and treatment to visiting with a primary doctor for a routine check-up, healthcare spaces require flooring that is visually comforting, yet functional and practical.

Designing healthcare environments with high-quality flooring is important for spaces like hospitals, urgent care facilities, assisted living and medical office buildings. These environments demand flooring that is highly durable and can withstand heavy traffic yet provides comfort underfoot for both staff and patients.

TAJ offers various flooring solutions for your healthcare facilities and interior design needs. From a wide assortment of luxury vinyl flooring and dedicated resilient sheet solutions, our flooring designs have been installed in a wide variety of healthcare flooring applications including hospitals, medical and dental offices, assisted living and more. Learn more about our flooring designs and our customer care philosophy and find out why TAJ flooring is the best choice for your project.

U of Miami Lennar Medical Building

TAJ products are thoughtfully designed for healthcare environments with functionality, durability and easy maintenance.  Our Majestic and Imperial collections are phthalate free formulations with woodgrain designs that color coordinate LVT with sheet products.  Our Spectrum and Color Infused collections offer unique colors and coordinated patterns to help easily create striking floor designs and improve way finding.  The University of Miami selected Strata Graphite from the Phoenix collection for the Lennar Medical Building for its’ fresh and modern appeal.

Easy Maintenance

Phthalate Free

LVT & Sheet

Flooring for Healthcare Environments

Healthcare flooring needs to meet demanding criteria, from construction and durability to addressing industry standards. And while these spaces have similar requirements, each application may have different priorities.

Selecting the appropriate construction of resilient flooring for your healthcare space is critical. From 3mm and 5mm luxury vinyl to resilient sheet flooring, each flooring type addresses various purposes and needs. Let’s break it down:

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Tile and Plank)

Available in various commercial-grade thicknesses, TAJ flooring is standardized in both a 3mm and 5mm thickness with 20 mil wear layer, the ideal construction for commercial and high traffic settings. While 2mm, 12 mil wear layer options are available, this particular construction is more suitable for commercial environments with light foot traffic, or residential spaces like multi-family housing.

For 3mm options, check out TAJ’s collections: Select, Phoenix, Spectrum and Imperial.

Furthermore, TAJ’s 5mm luxury vinyl flooring is a modular acoustic flooring providing sound absorption benefits, contributing to quieter spaces which oftentimes is a much-needed feature of healthcare spaces like exam rooms or bustling hallways. TAJ offers two featured collections of 5mm Modular Acoustic flooring designs, Color Infused and Wavelength. For more information on acoustics, check out our blog: Acoustic Flooring Benefits.

Resilient Sheet Flooring

For more critical areas within healthcare spaces, included patient rooms and nurses’ stations, a resilient sheet flooring offers a durable and naturally water/fluid resistant surface as seams are heat welded together. TAJ Majestic sheet flooring designs meet ASTM F925 standards intended for medical and wellness settings.

Purchasing Flooring for Healthcare Facilities

Beyond the construction of the resilient flooring of choice, luxury vinyl and resilient sheet flooring offer various features and benefits to consider for your next project:

Superior Visual Aesthetics and Textures

The layering construction of luxury vinyl and resilient sheet flooring features a photographic film layer. From the look of contemporary and soft grain woods to abstract and textile designs, luxury vinyl makes various design aesthetics possible where porous materials are not practical.

In addition, luxury vinyl offers various colorways ideal for wayfinding designs and layouts. For color options, check out TAJ’s 5mm collection of modular acoustic flooring, Color Infused. Or, for 3mm options, Spectrum Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank offers a primary coloration of tile with neutral coordinates.

Ideal for High Traffic

Healthcare environments often experience high traffic, and with several settings like hospitals and assisting living environments, movement throughout various spaces is constant and around the clock. The flooring you select must be able to withstand high traffic from visitors and staff walking through the hallways, to rolling traffic like wheelchairs, gurneys and other daily delivery requirements. Not only must the flooring hold up to the various points of contact throughout the day but must also provide a smooth surface to roll over with minimal interferences.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

With resilient flooring – luxury vinyl tile or vinyl sheet – these flooring types are naturally hygienic and resistant to moisture and spills, providing a non-porous surface to easily clean after an occurrence. In addition, with minimal seams or heat-welded seams of sheet flooring, the elimination of mold and bacteria building up in grout or other surfaces like carpet contributes to an overall sterile flooring product.

For long-term maintenance results, resilient flooring is a no-wax flooring, though does benefit from a routine cleaning regimen.

Minimal Disruptions

For new build or renovation projects, the ease of installation is important for healthcare environments. With luxury vinyl, the adhesive used to apply the flooring to the substrate requires minimal curing and dry time before foot traffic can commence. This is especially important for spaces that are more critical or open all hours of the day and night making repairs and renovations less time-consuming and allowing healthcare spaces to remain operable.

Additional Benefits and Features

Resilient flooring offers a range of benefits and features beyond what is already mentioned, and while the qualities vary among each construction of luxury vinyl and sheet flooring, both flooring options offer the following:

  • Affordability and Value: Resilient flooring is an affordable hard surface option, and rivals other hard and soft surfaces as it relates to everyday upkeep and maintenance, and installation.
  • Long-lasting and Reliable: Commercial warranties range from 20 to 25 years for our 3mm or 5mm luxury vinyl options and resilient sheet flooring.
  • Sustainability: Our commercial resilient flooring is FloorScoreⓇ certified and environmentally friendly adhering to industry sustainability practices including

Why Choose Us for Healthcare Facilities Flooring

TAJ Flooring has assisted many companies just like yours with finding the right solution for your healthcare design project. With a wide selection of durable flooring designs to choose from combined with our industry expertise, our team provides optimum service to ensure you find not only the right design for your healthcare space, but also a product that is constructed for the environment with long-lasting results.

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