Commercial Vinyl Flooring

With so many flooring options to consider, tackling a commercial design project can seem overwhelming at times. While hardwood floors are beautiful, they’re often expensive and impractical for covering high traffic areas. And although polished concrete is an aesthetically-pleasing option, it offers little when it comes to comfort and ease of installation. 

However, if you’re looking for flooring that offers a wide range of design options, configuration possibilities, and the construction you need to meet the constraints of a high-traffic commercial setting, then commercial vinyl flooring may be an ideal choice.

TAJ is an industry leader in commercial vinyl planks and tiles, with a comprehensive range of colors and patterns, product thicknesses, and constructions from which to choose. We can help match you with the exact look you hope to achieve, no matter which commercial industry you serve.

Commercial Uses for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Since luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is such a versatile flooring option with countless design and customization possibilities, it’s easy to see why it has become a popular alternative for commercial flooring — and even wall coverings — across all types of industries. 


commercial vinyl floor

Featured Project: Ascend Orthodontics installs Big Apple luxury vinyl tile to adjoin two commercial suites into a unified space. Photo by ©Bob Soman Photography.


A cost-effective choice that combines diversity in style and durable functionality, commercial vinyl flooring is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Multi-family complexes, such as apartment buildings and dormitories
  • Senior and assisted living facilities
  • Corporate offices
  • Healthcare facilities, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, and labs
  • Schools from K-8 to colleges and universities
  • Retail spaces, including department stores and supermarkets
  • Hospitality spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and event venues
  • Gyms and yoga studios
  • Places of worship, such as churches and synagogues 
  • Government buildings and facilities

Benefits of Commercial LVT Flooring

So, what makes luxury vinyl tile such a great option for commercial settings? The top benefits of commercial grade vinyl flooring in these types of spaces include:

coordinating lvt image logo


durable flooring option


easy to install flooring solutions

easy to install

sound absorption benefits

easy to clean flooring


safety first flooring options


affordable senior living flooring solutions


Office buildings, supermarkets, gyms, hospitals, and other commercial settings are notorious for heavy foot traffic, and LVT is a flooring solution that features a durable construction that’s resistant to scuffs, scratches, and stains. Even if damaged by spills, dropped items, or other accidents, commercial LVT flooring is easy to maintain, clean, and replace when necessary. 

Featured Project: Select luxury vinyl plank, Limed Wood, extends from the lobby into the locker rooms of CorePower Yoga located in Chicago, IL. Photo by Linda Gordon Photography.


Senior Living LVT Install

In addition to its high performance when it comes to durability, LVT provides added comfort to commercial spaces with acoustic benefits for better sound management in busy or traditionally loud areas. And its layered construction means it’s softer and warmer underfoot than some other flooring options, such as polished concrete, making LVT a top choice in spaces where employees and customers spend lots of time on their feet. 

Featured Project: The Avenir Memory Care facility opted for a directional linear 3MM luxury vinyl plank design, Rosewood.

Luxury vinyl flooring installed in event venue.

One of the most alluring aspects of using commercial LVT is the degree of customization and versatility it offers with visual aesthetics. LVT presents endless layout possibilities and is available in an extensive variety of patterns, colorways, quality levels, and installation formats. From concrete styles to wood-look LVT, the options for personalization are truly impressive and endless.

Featured Project: Event venue, White Iron Ridge selects a neutral wood-look luxury vinyl plank design, Arabian, to co adorn the open space from wall-to-wall. Photos by Picture KC/Ward.

Industries We Serve

No matter which industry you find yourself involved in, TAJ Flooring has experience across the board with helping designers find the commercial grade vinyl flooring that best suits their clients’ needs. With countless opportunities for customization and configuration, LVT is the perfect choice for modern commercial settings.

Some of the industries we most frequently serve include:

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Choose TAJ for Your Commercial Vinyl Flooring Needs

From multi-family housing and healthcare facilities to retail centers and gyms, LVT combines versatility in style and function to deliver a low-maintenance yet upscale aesthetic to any commercial space. To find the perfect LVT flooring for your next commercial project, reach out to the TAJ team today for samples and design inspo.