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TAJ Flooring Eco Bond®

TAJ Flooring’s Eco Bond® spray adhesive is a 0.0g/ml voc (Volatile Organic Compounds) premium spray adhesive system used with all TAJ Flooring products. These adhesives are delivered by unique spray-adhesive technologies which greatly improve indoor air quality (when compared to traditional adhesive use), increase productivity, and deliver occupational safety and health benefits. All Eco Bond® adhesives are water-based acrylics which are delivered via aerosol cans which applies 7 x faster than traditional troweled on adhesives.

Our full series of adhesives are a safer alternative to contact adhesives or 2-part epoxy adhesives. Eco Bond® adhesives can be used in occupied areas such as worksites, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and schools with less health risk or odor. Eco Bond® has 3 formulas to use with our full line of TAJ floor coverings:

Eco Bond® LVT: For use with our 3mm luxury vinyl planks and tiles
Eco Bond® Sheet: For use with our TAJ Majestic Sheet Vinyl
Eco Bond® Modular Acoustic: For use with our Wavelength and Color Infused Modular Acoustic Flooring products including planks and tiles

We also promote recycling and sustainability through Eco Bond® adhesives. The spray-can that all Eco Bond® adhesives come in are 100% recyclable. Also, our adhesives use a fraction of the mass and none of the harmful chemicals found in traditional adhesives. This creates an increase in safety and a large reduction in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, and application of adhesive materials compared to traditional bucket and trowel adhesives.

Check out our Eco Bond® installation videos below:





TAJ-1095 is a versatile premium adhesive ideal to use with all TAJ resilient flooring products including 2mm and 3mm glue down luxury vinyl, 5mm modular acoustic flooring, sheet flooring and more. This adhesive provides a long working time, an aggressive PSA style surface tack, and a moisture tolerant, anti-microbial, hard-set bond with immediate access to light foot traffic. Multiple application methods provide options based upon the material being installed and the installation environment.


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