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Concrete-look Vinyl Flooring

There’s no more practical way to set a sophisticated, minimalist tone in your commercial space than with our concrete luxury vinyl tile (LVT) designs. Concrete-look vinyl flooring combines the industrial chic aesthetic of polished concrete with the versatility of LVT to deliver an upscale yet low-maintenance option for supermarkets, workplace environments, restaurants, and spaces that want to achieve the look of concrete when the real material is not an option.

Benefits of Concrete Vinyl Flooring Vs. Polished Concrete Flooring

Although polished concrete offers your space that highly sought-after industrial aesthetic, it offers fewer all-around benefits than LVT when it comes to acoustics, installation, comfort underfoot, and stain and moisture resistance.

Acoustical Value

Concrete is not only a hard surface where impact sound is greater (for instance, when a shoe makes contact with the floor), but where the transfer of sound is greater, too. For example a restaurant using concrete flooring — as opposed to LVT — would experience more magnified sound transference from the noise of conversation, cooking stations, and so on. The multilayer construction of LVT (more specifically a 5MM thickness product) can help buffer sound, making it a preferred choice for high-traffic areas. Superior acoustical value makes concrete-look LVT a more suitable flooring option in shopping, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, etc.), and office environments, where employees and customers benefit in various ways from appropriate sound management.

Ease of Installation

There is a misconception that using an existing concrete slab will reduce the amount of time it takes to install flooring. But in reality, a renovation using the existing slab can take two to three times longer since the surface has to be sanded, cleaned of unwanted imperfections, filled in if there are joints or cracks, polished, and finished with a protective coating. Even more time is required if staining is desired.

Design Versatility

The look of polished or stained concrete has gained popularity over the last decade, and LVT has taken its design cues from this trend. While stained/polished concrete has various colors and treatments to choose from, at times, the concrete does not offer flexibility with its imperfections. Although this is often the desired look designers and end-users hope to achieve, other unwanted features, such as existing stains or non-removable adhesive marks, become an eyesore. LVT can offer a cleaner look, plus any preferred color tone or visual characteristics.


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Comfort Underfoot

Not only does concrete-look LVT allow for greater design versatility, but it’s also more comfortable underfoot. Polished concrete is hard and cold, while concrete-look LVT’s pliant, multi-layered construction provides greater comfort and a warmth akin to wood flooring. LVT is available in 3mm and 5mm thickness options, and while both offer relatively more cushion underfoot than other hard surface flooring, 5mm LVT is becoming increasingly popular as it offers an additional layer of comfort.

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Featured Product: Oil Stained, Phoenix Premium Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Collection


Furthermore, making physical contact with a concrete floor is often a liability with greater risks for slips and falls. LVT, on the other hand, provides added cushion, so that even when falls occur in high traffic settings such as retail spaces and restaurants, the impact is a bit softer.

Stain and Moisture Resistance

As long as it is sealed (honed) properly, concrete can hold up in moisture-prone settings. However, it can be much more slippery compared to LVT, which includes an embossed layer for slip resistance. Whether you desire polished/stained concrete or LVT applied over a concrete subfloor, the proper preparations and moisture mitigation processes must be taken to achieve the best results.

The look of concrete has become a staple of contemporary design, and you can achieve the same aesthetic as polished concrete along with all of the advantages of LVT with concrete-look vinyl flooring. Browse our concrete-look vinyl flooring options, and when you’re ready to get started, click the button below to connect with a rep and order samples.

concrete look vinyl flooring

Featured Product: Native Pebble, 2-3-5 Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Collection

Having a Second Option

Ascend Orthodontics Case Study: See how one of our clients incorporated both concrete and LVT to achieve their preferred look and functionality. For instances where concrete is desired but is not an option, LVT has proven to be an effective second option.


commercial vinyl flooring in dental office

Featured Project: Ascend Orthodontics features Phoenix Big Apple luxury vinyl plank alongside a polished concrete aesthetic using a technique called “micro-topping.” Photo by: ©Bob Soman Photography

Concrete Vinyl Featured Products

Start your design project with concrete-look vinyl flooring from TAJ. Simply click on your favorite looks below to request samples:


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If your space requires luxury vinyl flooring or polished/stained concrete, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Strategic Solutions Group, which can offer polished/stained concrete installation for larger, national projects. 

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