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Our Company

Dedicated Team. Quality Designs.

A family-owned business, TAJ Flooring offers a broad selection of highly versatile resilient flooring designs for today’s modern commercial environments. Our values are focused on service and superior quality, finding the ideal solution for your design needs.


Our company, TAJ Flooring, was founded in 2008 by an industry veteran and current company leader and CEO, Thomas Powell. His start was simple yet focused when resilient flooring for commercial spaces was yet not adopted by the design and construction industry. Though to Tom, he understood the importance of function, style and service and continued to develop new ways of designing and delivering quality product to a growing market.

As demand grew, so did our family-owned brand, where family inspired the name of the company. Each letter, T-A-J, is combination of initials that represents the first name of his beloved wife and daughters. Not only does “family” inspire the overall branding of the company, his values and methods of teamwork and collaboration are instilled among our TAJ team. We are simply a family.

Today, TAJ has provided millions of square feet of commercial luxury vinyl and resilient sheet product to a wide range of customers every year. TAJ clients range from large big box retail to universities, to hospitals and your local restaurants. Tom attributes our success not only to providing quality, competitively priced and customizable products but to the individuals in the organization who believe in providing leading customer service.

Learn more about what makes our team a reliable partner for your next commercial design project by downloading our new 2022 Brand Issue: Dedicated Team, Quality Designs. DOWNLOAD BRAND ISSUE