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Sports & Multipurpose Flooring


Sports and fitness facilities require myriad multipurpose flooring solutions to outfit the entirety of the interior environment. The literal “playing surface” or courts and multipurpose use cases such as a cafeteria setup or a dance/yoga studio may utilize a specialized sports and multipurpose sheet flooring solution, while the common areas of the facility will likely lean more towards LVT.

The necessity here is that sports and multipurpose spaces have various use cases that may require different types of flooring properties such as cushion and comfort, durability, affordability, and design possibilities.

Driven by demand in the market for high-test sports flooring options able to withstand a significant degree of wear and tear, TAJ created a value-oriented selection of standard and practical multipurpose flooring options. The collection consists of an approachable assortment of designs and thicknesses (ranging from 2MM upwards of 8MM), perfect for municipalities, community centers, K-12 schools, and churches. In short, TAJ is suited to outfit any piece of your sports and multipurpose facility flooring project.



Sports Flooring Collections for Athletic Facilities and Multipurpose Spaces


A resilient sheet flooring designed for active athletic and other applicable high traffic environments, Motivva Sports and Multipurpose Flooring performs in interior settings that inspire, motivate, and drive movement. Meets ASTM F2772 standards. View the collection: Motivva

3MM Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

TAJ 3MM luxury vinyl flooring is an ideal complement to Motivva flooring within the additional spaces of your sports or fitness interior environment. Naturally water and scratch-resistant, luxury vinyl is a highly durable solution for high traffic spaces like common spaces, yoga studios, locker rooms and more. View our collections:  Phoenix | Select  | Spectrum



corporate commercial flooring example

5MM Modular Acoustic Flooring (LVT)

TAJ modular accosting flooring (or 5MM LVT) improves the sound absorption of a space by helping to limit the background noise and other disturbances from the surroundings. Additionally, 5MM luxury vinyl acoustic flooring is more comfortable underfoot than other surfaces, installs next to carpet tile without the need for transition strips.  View our collections: Wavelength | Color Infused

Sports Flooring Features


With high-performance activities in mind, Motivva offers various thickness options including 8MM Competition and 6.5MM Versa which feature a Class 2 shock absorption rating for indoor sports and multipurpose use.

durable flooring option

Luxury vinyl tile and sheet flooring offer excellent resistance to dirt build-up, everyday scuffs and scratches, indentation and rolling load traffic.

easy to install flooring solutions

LVT and resilient sheet is among the easiest product to install when compared to other commercial flooring options. TAJ always recommends professional installation methods including proper flooring preparations and maintenance.

easy to clean flooring


A polyurethane coating makes cleanup easy and eliminates the need for chemical-based cleaning and maintenance.

safety first flooring options


Motivva Sports and Multipurpose Flooring features a cushion layer for optimal comfort well-being activity levels.

affordable senior living flooring solutions


Luxury vinyl tile and sheet flooring are more affordable than other hard surface options as it relates to the cost of goods, installation, and maintenance.

Where Design Meets Durability

Motivva Wood Design – Oak

Oak features softwood characteristics for spaces requiring a warm and inviting aesthetic that can transition from daily school athletics to community yoga night.

Motivva Wood Design Maple  WITH orange key

A first-grade visual, Maple offers spaces with a premium wood look for athletic spaces like basketball or recreational courts. For added depth, incorporate school colors by mixing and matching Motivva’s Solids into key areas of the court.

Motivva Stained Wood – Blue

To play with color, Stained Wood features our Maple design in a blue semi-transparent coloration for a unique wood aesthetic.

Color Infused Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

When traffic goes beyond the court, spaces like locker rooms and lobbies require flooring that is just as durable, resistant to moisture, and easy to clean. Color Infused offers playful colorways in 5mm thickness, ideal for handling acoustic needs.

Interlocking Modular Tiles – Lockdown

With two colors to choose from, our Interlocking Modular Tiles can suit a variety of multipurpose flooring design aesthetics. These tiles utilize a durable puzzle-edge locking system, making installation or replacement a breeze.

select luxury vinyl plank in CORE POWERYOGA STUDIO

3MM luxury vinyl plank design, Limed Wood, is featured throughout the lobby and locker room of CorePower Yoga located in Chicago. Photo by: Linda Gordon Photography

select luxury vinyl plank in COREPOWER YOGA STUDIO

3MM luxury vinyl plank design, Limed Wood, is featured throughout the lobby and locker room of CorePower Yoga located in Chicago. Photo by: Linda Gordon Photography

Popular Swatches

Motivva TAJ-S201 maple

Motivva TAJ-S203 STAINED Wood – Blue

Motivva TAJ-S303 Solid – DARK blue


Adirondack Bible Chapel

Located in upstate New York, Adirondack Bible Chapel and Ministry Center required a sports flooring suitable for basketball and sport activities alike, in addition to hosting ongoing community events. Ed Hart, former senior pastor for the chapel commented on the installation of TAJ Motivva’s Oak resilient sheet design, “We could not be happier with the floor. It’s a great floor for the gym – easy on the knees – and the installers did a great job.”



Adirondack Bible Chapel Gymnasium outfitted with a Motivva Oak install

CorePower Yoga

From barre and yoga studios, to changing and locker rooms, members are often walking around barefoot. Selecting flooring that is both comfortable (and warmer) underfoot and easy to clean is extremely important. Featured in this CorePower Yoga studio located in Chicago is a luxury vinyl plank design with an organic wood look, Limed Wood from our Select Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile collection. Photo by: Jamie Link Photography




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