What is LVT Flooring?

Liz Sullivan
September 14, 2021
what is lvt flooring

LVT, or “luxury vinyl tile,” was introduced to the market back in the 1970s. Residential applications first adopted it as a practical in-home flooring solution, and due to its natural ability to resist moisture and scratches (handling more high traffic areas), commercial applications turned to LVT flooring at around the turn of the century. It has quickly become the most sought-after hard surface in commercial design today. LVT flooring options revolutionized the industry for its desirable durability, ease of use, stylish design options, simplified maintenance, and upkeep; all come at an affordable price compared to other flooring types such as hardwood and laminates, carpet, and others.

Characteristics of LVT flooring

Here at TAJ, we take great pride in our attention to designing entire LVT flooring offerings that address various customer and industry/application needs. From architects and designers looking for sleek, modern solutions to fit different aesthetics to contractors and corporate clients looking to outfit a specific project and fulfill bulk needs across multiple locations, TAJ is here to serve and here to please. At the crossroads of functionality and beauty, you’ll find TAJ as the trusted purveyor of choice for your LVT flooring needs.

Style & Design

lvt flooring in a living space

TAJ LVT flooring continually surpasses customer expectations regarding the look and feel of our luxury vinyl tile options. We’ve developed a premium commercial flooring product utilizing the latest performance technology for your benefit with visual designs that are contemporary and universal. Our LVT flooring mirrors the natural elements of wood, stone, and textiles—bringing your vision to life with a solution that looks immaculate, and enables you to capture the authenticity of wood grains, stone patterns, and textile intricacies without the practical and logistical hangup of procuring and utilizing these hard surface products. Style without the feel of compromise.

Comfort & Safety

lvt flooring in a bedroom used to mimic hardwood flooring

To start, LVT flooring will feel softer and warmer underfoot due to the nature of its thickness, composition, and natural shock-absorbing properties. An added benefit for spaces like multi-family housing or in senior living spaces, LVT can be installed on top of radiant heating systems for added warmth. With thicknesses ranging from 2, 3, and 5mm, TAJ’s line of LVT flooring products has the perfect fit to meld form, function, and comfort effortlessly. The enhancement of added slip resistance makes LVT flooring a safer option when compared to ceramics or polished concrete floors.


LVT flooring is generally known for its durability and ability to withstand daily foot traffic and agitation that would wear down a natural product quicker. What goes into its durability is a multi-layer construction featuring a top wear layer that allows for various levels of foot traffic and resistance to scratches and scuffs. The product is non-porous, so spills are easy to clean up. Maintenance and repairs come with little to no downtime, at a low cost, and no requirement of using harsh chemicals. TAJ offers several LVT flooring options that are constructed utilizing enhanced ceramic bead infused urethane cured PU, which offers twice the scratch resistance as standard UV products. This makes TAJ LVT flooring an optimal solution that provides greater longevity than other options you’ll find on the market.

The ability to design, shape, cut, and apply LVT flooring to fit your unique application is far easier to accomplish than using typical wood, stone, or textiles—making it an even more reliable option for you or your client. Additionally, LVT offers an affordable, reliable option that allows you to achieve the look and feel you want without sacrificing quality.


The heightened adoption of LVT flooring materials over the last couple of decades is due to how affordable it is. LVT installed carries a far less significant cost than most flooring surfaces. This is true at the acquisition and installation stage and with ongoing costs, such as the maintenance and upkeep of the floors. LVT doesn’t require a lot of maintenance compared to VCT, hardwood, and textile-based flooring solutions. Those costs can add up over time, but LVT is a quick, non-porous product that makes cleanliness and upkeep a breeze—saving time, money, and frustration. Further, if there’s ever a need for a replaced section of the floor, it’s easy to replace an individual tile or a section of tiles.

Sustainable LVT flooring solutions

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we at TAJ source quality, environmentally friendly products for our customers to help promote sustainable and socially responsible construction projects. We offer FloorScore certified flooring, following and adhering to stringent guidelines within the industry, and further, meet the latest environmental standards such as the Health Product Declaration and the Environmental Product Declaration. This commitment means you can buy quality, durable LVT flooring that also supports healthy, prosperous communities for generations to come.

Commercial applications benefitting from the use of LVT flooring

Given its ease of installation and the variety available to the end-user, LVT flooring is the go-to solution for any flooring application. From multi-family housing unit projects to healthcare facilities, offices, schools, retail environments, restaurant and hospitality spaces, and beyond, LVT flooring is no longer the wave of the future but the flooring solution of today.

With TAJ as your trusted LVT flooring provider, you’ll have the flooring, industry knowledge, and customer service at your fingertips that will make your experience a great one. Whether you’re an architect, designer, contractor, corporate purchasing agent, or end-user looking for more information, we’re happy to help.

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AUTHOR: Liz Sullivan
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