Wavelength Flooring Announcement

Liz Sullivan
November 9, 2020

At TAJ Flooring, we provide high-quality luxury commercial flooring, and our newest endeavor is the design of our modular acoustic flooring products. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added 13 new modular acoustic flooring designs to our collection, addressing sound issues most commercial and multi-family environments encounter.

The Wavelength Modular Acoustic Flooring collection features 5mm luxury vinyl, loose lay planks with wood-looks and textured designs ideal for the following applications:

  • Corporate offices or the workplace requiring quiet workspaces or meeting rooms.
  • Multi-family settings such as tenant units or common areas like hallways.
  • Healthcare environments like hospitals or medical office buildings.
  • Hospitality spaces like hotel guest rooms and hallways.
  • Education and classroom areas or student living spaces.

In the last 12 years, we’ve seen a higher need for acoustic flooring in commercial spaces. As a result, we seek to meet the needs of the design community by combining luxury with comfortable materials, loose lay capabilities, ease of transport and application over access panels. Check out the new vinyl options that we offer in our series.

TAJ Flooring’s New Options

With comfort and function in mind, Wavelength’s new designs comprise five softened contemporary wood-look planks with straighter graining, minimal knotting and two unique textured patterns, Filo and Montage:

  • Filo: Filo, meaning “thread,” offers an intricate crosshatch design in a 12″ x 24″ tile that embodies a textile aesthetic with the durability and cleanability of luxury vinyl ideal for commercial end-use applications. Filo is available in four neutrals tones and one complementary blue variation.


  • Montage: Inspired by interwoven layers, Montage is a unique arrangement of elements forming a continuous design. Available in a large-format tile — 36″ x 36″— its neutral tones and intricate patterns of stone, concrete and textile provide interiors with a sophisticated canvas.


These two patterns symbolize our commitment to bringing never-before-seen designs to the market. We value the strength of commercial resilient flooring, and we can create luxury modular acoustic flooring that enhances the visual interest of a commercial space.

Wavelength’s Volume 2 collection offers 25 luxury modular acoustic flooring choices that each come with a non-slip backing to provide multiple installation options, depending on your commercial application. You can apply products in the Wavelength collection over raised access floor panels or next to carpet tile without transition strips. They can also limit noise in a commercial space to create a private, productive atmosphere.

An Introduction to Luxury Acoustic Flooring

As mentioned above, commercial environments require spaces that minimize sound for the productivity of workplace employees or the comfort of hotel guests or hospital patients. To meet the sounds requirements of these spaces, the use of noise-reducing modular acoustic flooring is essential.

TAJ’s 5mm modular acoustic flooring collections feature a diverse floor tile with fiberglass reinforcement and non-slip backing. It contains a highly durable top layer with a vinyl backing for optimal stability. Our Protech Plus polyurethane finish is infused with ceramic beading, making our product more resistant to scratching.

We offer two collections of 5mm modular acoustic flooring:

  • Wavelength: As a solution for acoustic challenges in commercial interiors, the Wavelength collection features 25 5mm loose lay vinyl plank and tile variations. From contemporary wood looks to linear abstract and linen-like textural designs, Wavelength modular options offer sound absorption benefits, a non-slip loose lay backing, and the durability and performance of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl. View the full selection of Wavelength luxury vinyl designs.
  • Color Infused: The Color Infused collection features bold patterns and colorways to complement your commercial area’s unique aesthetic. The luxury vinyl plank and tile coordinate with each other and provide a splash of color to your project. Our sturdy modular construction gives you the proper noise reduction without additional underlayment.

Benefits of Modular Acoustic Flooring

Modular acoustic flooring is an exclusive design from TAJ Flooring and offers several features and benefits:

  • Complementary designs: Our aesthetically pleasing, noise-reducing vinyl flooring options can fit your space’s design style. In the Wavelength collection, we offer 25 designs for your choosing, so you’re sure to find a shade or wood species that fits your commercial space. The Color Infused series also offers 24 bold colors and patterns to enhance your design aesthetic.
  • Comfort underfoot: The thickness of this product provides for a comfortable space underfoot. In addition, this multi-layer system can accommodate radiant heating underneath ideal for multi-family and assisted living environments.
  • Noise reduction benefits: Workplace distractions result in poor performance, low productivity and reduced motivation. Loud hotel environments cause guests to have an unrestful stay. With an IIC rating of 57 and STC rating of 62, our 5mm luxury commercial flooring is ideal for reducing sound transmission to help provide a quiet environment.
  • Easy to install, remove and replace: Our luxury vinyl loose lay tiles and planks are easy to install and don’t require an underlayment for sound reduction, minimizing installation time and efforts. Our modular loose lay tiles are also an option for raised access flooring and is a more affordable option when compared to other hard surface finishes.
  • Easy to maintain: The innovative ceramic beading coating cured by Protech Plus UV offers superior scratch resistance and does not require the application of a wax or finish. Luxury vinyl flooring is a low maintenance hard surface; removing daily dirt and dust using a broom or vacuum is suggested to maintain the floor regularly, as well as working in the use of a damp mop with a neutral cleaner will help to keep the floor conditioned over time.

Request Samples, Get Connected

A family-owned business, TAJ Flooring offers a broad offering of highly versatile resilient flooring options for today’s modern commercial environments. Our values are focused on service and superior quality, finding the ideal solution for your design needs. For more information or to request samples, contact us online or explore the Wavelength collection here.

AUTHOR: Liz Sullivan