Tajima Flooring Inc

Tajima Flooring Inc
Tajima Flooring

Tajima Flooring, Inc. = TAJ Flooring, Inc.

Our company’s history began in 2008, when Tom Powell started Tajima Flooring, Inc.  Tom already had 14 years in the commercial flooring industry representing a wide range of vinyl, rubber and linoleum products.  He decided to start his own business and take on the Japanese flooring line, known as Tajima.  Tom grew the company to record sales and made the United States the largest export market for the Tajima branded products. 

In 2014, Tom wanted to provide his customers more product options, designs and variety than Tajima could offer.  And he wanted to establish his own brand for his own company.  As a result, Tajima Flooring became TAJ Flooring, Inc.  Many often confuse TAJ as an abbreviation for Tajima but in reality, Tom just wanted to use his wife and daughter names.  TAJ stands for Tom, Ashley, Jan, Julie and Jenny.    

Today, TAJ Flooring has over 30 dedicated sales reps nationwide, over 5 million square feet in US stocked inventory and distribution in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Southern California.  If you are looking for TAJ products or old Tajima products, please contact our customer service team for assistance.  They are the best in the industry and can be reached at (847) 690-9930.

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