COVID-19 Update – TAJ Flooring

To our valued clients and customers,

We are all facing a shared uncertainty and acknowledge ‘business as usual’ won’t be possible for a while due to the COVID-19 challenge.

Your health and safety are important to us as is the health and safety of all our employees and sales representatives.  We understand changes are taking place with many starting to work from home. Everyone wants to avoid delays to existing projects and there are likely concerns regarding new projects having their planned schedules disrupted. Please know that TAJ Flooring has had plans in place to deal with this type of occurrence and is prepared to help you to address your individual needs.

Warehouse: TAJ’s Elgin, IL warehouse is open and fully operational, our team there is following the direction of the CDC, local and federal government and limiting individual exposures by practicing social distancing and increased hand washing.  Our Customer Service team has always worked from their homes since we started our business and this practice will continue.  

Samples: TAJ Flooring will continue to promptly fulfill sample requests. We understand some requests may need to be redirected to alternate delivery addresses, etc.

Pending Orders: For customers with pending orders, our Customer Service Department is ready to provide assistance.

New Orders: For customers ready to place an order, TAJ Flooring is fully operational and able to fulfill orders.

Substitute Materials: For customers in need of substitute/alternate flooring, TAJ Flooring has over 3 million square feet in stock in Elgin IL. Options can be reviewed at . We are here to help keep your installations on schedule.

If there’s anything more TAJ Flooring can do to help, please let us know 

Best regards,

Thomas Powell

President, TAJ Flooring Inc.