New Collection: Enhancing Application Versatility with 2-3-5 Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile

Liz Sullivan
March 19, 2023

TAJ Flooring’s newest collection offers 24 designs in various commercial thickness options.

Time is of the essence, and the need for simplifying choices is the tone for today’s commercial luxury vinyl market. TAJ’s newest collection, 2-3-5 Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile, offers a foundational approach to ease the flooring specification process with 24 designs each available in a 2MM, 3MM and 5MM thickness.


2-3-5 luxury vinyl flooring collection


“There is a high demand for luxury vinyl flooring and it’s not slowing down any time soon,” says Tom Powell, President of TAJ Flooring. “With such growth, products flood the market making it difficult for the design community to source flooring efficiently and effectively. TAJ’s focus is to streamline the selection process by creating an approachable collection that can be used for many interior applications.”

With application versatility in mind, the ability to go from project-to-project or room-to-room is highly achievable. The 2-3-5 collection features high performance luxury vinyl flooring available in a 3MM thickness suitable for most commercial applications, as well as a 2MM thickness for light lived-in traffic spaces and a 5MM modular acoustic option for environments requiring sound benefits.


2-3-5 luxury vinyl flooring collection


Taking cues from nature, each design features an innovative modern visual with authentic traits and characteristics that embrace the elements of our natural surroundings. “From the earthy tones and deep textures of our wood variety to the integration of stone visuals, the essence of biophilic design is embodied within a single collection,” remarks Joe Polito, Vice President of Product Development. “These visuals are applicable to a diverse audience such as the living segment, including multi-family housing and senior living, as well as healthcare and wellness environments.”


2-3-5 luxury vinyl flooring


2-3-5 luxury vinyl flooring for walls


2-3-5 products are phthalate-free and are built with a Protech Plus® finish which provides two times better scratch resistance than typical coatings. The collection’s stone designs incorporate larger tile formats including 18” x 36” and 36” x 36” sizes. For vertical spaces including wall features, the 2MM construction is Class A rated per ASTM E84.

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AUTHOR: Liz Sullivan