TAJ Flooring Introduces Motivva Sports and Multipurpose Flooring Line

Liz Sullivan
February 28, 2022

Ready for some BIG news? Okay, here we go!

We are thrilled about our latest product offering, Motivva. A resilient sheet flooring designed for active environments, Motivva Sports and Multipurpose Flooring performs in interior settings that inspire, motivate and drive movement. From multipurpose community use to sport-focused facilities, Motivva excels in:

  • Durability
  • Stability, and
  • Visual strength

Motivva offers various thickness options including 8MM Competition and 6.5MM Versa which feature a Class 2 shock absorption rating in accordance with the ASTM F2772 standard for high-performance requirements, as well as 4.5MM Multi and 2MM Strongside for multipurpose use.

Why are we bringing this new sports and multipurpose flooring product to market?

Quite simply, we found a missing piece in the industry that we’re looking to remedy with Motivva.

“Our inspiration for Motivva was driven by a need in the marketplace to provide a focused and value-orientated assortment for both athletic and multipurpose use,” said TAJ Flooring President, Tom Powell. “From first-grade maple designs to solid visuals, Motivva is ideal for a variety of end-use architectural applications including K-12 interiors, churches, and places of worship, municipalities, and more.”

Tom Powell brings nearly 30 years of resilient flooring experience to TAJ, and was a leader in pioneering sports flooring by growing one of the largest distributors of sports products nationally and globally.

What Motivva has to offer.

Each of Motivva’s thickness options is available in three designs:

  • Wood
  • Stained Maple Wood
  • Solid Colors

Product: Motivva Wood Design Maple (left) and Oak (right)

The Wood designs are the foundation of the collection with the look of a traditional woodgrain plank design available in two classic wood species, Maple, and Oak. “A go-to look for athletic courts, our Maple design is the brightest of maples, often referred to as a first-grade visual,” said Joe Polito, Vice President of Product Development. “For an alternative look with warm tones and stronger woodgrain characteristics, Motivva’s Oak visual is intended for non-sport applications looking for a softer appeal.”

Product: Motivva Stained Wood – Blue

To play with color, Stained Wood features the Maple design in a selection of semi-transparent colorations for a unique wood aesthetic. For spaces that require school branding or to color outside of the lines, the Solid design palette is available in various primary and secondary color options and is ideal for creating boundary areas, basketball keys, wayfinding in general multipurpose areas, or for wall-to-wall installations. “Solids have always been an accessory to woodgrains, though there is still a need and an emerging trend for all-solid applications,” Powell adds.

Product: Motivva Solids in Yellow, Red and Dark Blue

With performance and safety in mind, Motivva’s fiberglass reinforced heterogeneous vinyl sheet construction available in varying thickness options provides proper cushion underneath to suit the environment and to provide overall comfort. Motivva is a phthalate-free product with a polyurethane coating. Thus, no wax or stripping is required, clean-up is easy and eliminates the need for chemical-based cleaning and maintenance.

If you have any questions about this development or our exciting new product line, Motivva, please do not hesitate to reach out! We’d be happy to talk with you and provide you with further details and applicable samples.

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AUTHOR: Liz Sullivan
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